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Hayter Harrier 48 Code490J Lawnmower

Hayter Harrier 48 Code490J Lawnmower£832.15

Toro 20943 Lawnmower

Toro 20943 Lawnmower£324.00

EXTREME Automower Cable (800 m)

EXTREME Automower Cable (800 m)£1,032.00

This Extreme Long Life Safety Cable is break resistant, able to withstand impacts from rodents and garden tools, while being coated with green plastic to protect against corrosion. In a 800 metre roll with a 3.8 mm diameter.

KUBOTA RTVX900 Utility Vehicle (Camo)

KUBOTA RTVX900 Utility Vehicle (Camo)£16,099.00  -  £19,459.80

Kubota's all new utility vehicle offers a smoother ride with higher levels of comfort and even better drivability on any terrain. Available with ROPS or Cabin options.

CUB CADET LH3 EB Cordless Blower

CUB CADET LH3 EB Cordless Blower£149.00  -  £289.00

An extremely powerful leaf blower from Cub Cadet, this reliable machine includes an axial fan for maximum effectiveness and efficiency and different size nozzles which can be used to meet different requirements in different situations.

CUB CADET LM3 E37 Cordless Lawn Mower

CUB CADET LM3 E37 Cordless Lawn Mower£449.00

An ultra-lightweight 14.5 inch cut petrol lawn mower from Cub Cadet, this machine is exceptionally powerful, benefits from its 3-in-1 system and includes a rapid charge station.

ECHO HCA-236ES-LW Mid Reach Hedge Trimmer

ECHO HCA-236ES-LW Mid Reach Hedge Trimmer£699.00   £559.00

An ultra-lightweight yet highly durable hedge cutter, this model benefits from an easy starting 21.2 cc engine and has a 519 mm cutter head that can be articulated through 90 degrees.

ECHO SRM3020TESL Strimmer / Brushcutter

ECHO SRM3020TESL Strimmer / Brushcutter£615.00   £492.00

The ECHO SRM-3020TESL strimmer and brushcutter is a professional quality loop handle model, which sports ultra-low vibration levels, and features a two stroke 30.5cc engine.

ECHO SRM3020TESU Strimmer / Brushcutter

ECHO SRM3020TESU Strimmer / Brushcutter£625.00   £500.00

A professional-grade strimmer / brushcutter from ECHO, this model has the power and torque to tackle thick vegetation without an issue. This is the U or bike handled version of the machine.

SWIFT EB20 Battery

SWIFT EB20 Battery£89.99

This is a robust and long-lasting 40 Volt battery pack, able to fit all of Swift's 40 Volt range, representing exceptional value and making working with their machinery a breeze.

SWIFT EBC05 Compact Charger

SWIFT EBC05 Compact Charger£29.99

Allowing you to fully charge your Swift 40v battery in just four hours, this compact charger is a great way to keep your battery fit and healthy, in no time at all.

HUSQVARNA 572 XP G Chainsaw

HUSQVARNA 572 XP G Chainsaw£912.00  -  £932.00

Boasting all the innovations of Husqvarna's next legendary chainsaw but with the addition of heated handles for use in cold conditions, the 572 XPG is a fantastic choice.


COUNTAX 36 INCH XRD DECK£749.00   £705.00



STIHL PolyCut 27-3 Mowing Head

STIHL PolyCut 27-3 Mowing Head£27.50

Designed to supersede STIHL's PolyCut 20-3 head, you can use this with the three included, replaceable plastic blades, or nylon line. Utilising a heavy duty design to tackle thick grass and weeds.

ECHO SRM 3610T/U Brushcutter

ECHO SRM 3610T/U Brushcutter£567.00

With an easy starting and durable engine, this ECHO brushcutter is able to tame wild areas of vegetation, while being ergonomically designed for better comfort and less fatigue.

ECHO SRM-3610T/L Brushcutter

ECHO SRM-3610T/L Brushcutter£559.00

This loop-handled brushcutter from ECHO allows for excellent control without sacrificing ergonomics. It boasts a professional-grade engine and build quality, ideal for tough jobs.

ECHO HCS-2810ES Hedge Trimmer

ECHO HCS-2810ES Hedge Trimmer£589.00   £471.00

This hedge trimmer from ECHO is the lightest in its class, without compromising on power, cutting performance or durability. With a professional-grade engine & components.

CUB CADET LT1 NR76 Lawn Tractor

CUB CADET LT1 NR76 Lawn Tractor£1,999.00

A powerful 30 inch cut durable petrol tractor mower from Cub Cadet, this machine provides great performance and efficiency utilising transmatic drive and a narrow turning radius to deliver a flawless finish.

CUB CADET LR2 FR60 Ride-On Lawn Mower

CUB CADET LR2 FR60 Ride-On Lawn Mower£1,999.00

A compact 24 inch cut ultra-robust petrol ride-on from Cub Cadet, this machine delivers superior performance and durability coming equipped with a hydrostatic drive system, Intelligent Parking Assistance and reverse mowing technology.

CUB CADET XM2 DR46 Lawn Mower

CUB CADET XM2 DR46 Lawn Mower£879.00

A powerful 18 inch cut self-propelled and highly durable petrol lawn mower from Cub Cadet, this machine is fast cleaning, extremely smooth running and robust, with impressive collecting performance.

CUB CADET XM2 ER53e Lawn Mower

CUB CADET XM2 ER53e Lawn Mower£1,149.00

A powerful 21 inch cut lawn mower from Cub Cadet with variable drive and cutting height adjustment, this machine is extremely durable and boasts superb collecting performance.

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Page 2 of 104:    2,477 Items
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