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Sweeping the floor is the most tedious of all manual tasks. No one enjoys it, and it only becomes harder the task moves to the garden.

A garden floor sweeper needs to be able to handle debris as large as bark and twigs right down to the smallest objects, like dirt, dust and sand - which are frustrating to clean up with a brush or broom. What's more, they need to be able to reach narrow spaces and awkward corners, which can be a nightmare when trying to clean by hand.

Floor sweepers make these painful tasks effortless, gliding over patios and driveways, these machines are perfect for both the home-owner and commercial user.

Our great range of floor sweepers are designed to tackle any challenge, and offer a powered solution that ensures you wont feel exhausted or drained whilst you make your garden the best in can be.

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STIHL KGA 770 Cordless Floor Sweeper Shell

STIHL KGA 770 Cordless Floor Sweeper Shell£708.00   £672.60


A 77 cm powered floor sweeper, the KGA 770 boasts STIHL's MultiClean Plus sweeping system to deal with all kinds of dirt and debris. Includes a 50 litre collector. Sold as a shell only, with the battery and charger available separately.

STIGA SWS600G Self-Propelled Outdoor Sweeper

STIGA SWS600G Self-Propelled Outdoor Sweeper£824.00

Perfect product for cleaning driveways and footpaths all year round. Equipped with powerful brushes and pneumatic tyres.

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