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ECHO Tip Protector

ECHO Tip Protector£19.03

Prevent the end of your cutter bar from getting damaged with this high standard Tip Protector by ECHO. 

COBRA H55E Electric Hedgetrimmer

COBRA H55E Electric Hedgetrimmer£59.99

The Cobra H55E is a powerful 600 watt electric Hedgetrimmer. Fitted with a 55cm cutter bar, and a 20mm tooth spacing, with an electrical operated brake for safety.

STIGA SHT 48 AE Cordless Hedge Trimmer (Shell Only)

STIGA SHT 48 AE Cordless Hedge Trimmer (Shell Only)£79.00   £69.00

Powered by the long lasting 48V 2.5 Ah Lithium battery, the Stiga SHT 48 AE hedge trimmer assures the highest freedom and comfort of trimming operations eliminating wires and fuel. Sold as a shell only without battery or charger.

COBRA H60E Electric Hedgetrimmer

COBRA H60E Electric Hedgetrimmer£74.99

The Cobra H60E is a powerful 710 watt electric Hedgetrimmer. Fitted with a 60cm cutter bar, with a 24mm tooth spacing, and a mechanical operated brake for safety.

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STIHL HSA 25 Cordless Shrub Shears

STIHL HSA 25 Cordless Shrub Shears£88.98

These cordless shrub and grass shears are ideally suited to maintaining and contouring small-leaved trees, shrubs and hedges. Includes battery and charger.

MOUNTFIELD MH48Li Cordless Hedge Trimmer

MOUNTFIELD MH48Li Cordless Hedge Trimmer£99.00   £89.00

This cordless hedge trimmer from Mountfield is the perfect match for garden hedges, shrubs and general untidy growth.

STIHL HSA 45 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

STIHL HSA 45 Cordless Hedge Trimmer£99.00   £94.00

This is a Lithium-Ion cordless hedge trimmer from STIHL, representing incredible value with an integrated 18 V battery and double-sided 50 cm / 20 inch cutting blade.

STIGA SHT 500 AE Cordless Hedge Trimmer (Shell Only)

STIGA SHT 500 AE Cordless Hedge Trimmer (Shell Only)£109.00   £99.00

Powered by a next-generation battery motor so that you can work with freedom and in comfort, this is a 58 cm double-action cordless hedge trimmer. Sold as a shell only without battery or charger.

COBRA LRH40E Electric Long Reach Hedgetrimmer

COBRA LRH40E Electric Long Reach Hedgetrimmer£99.99

The Cobra LRH40E is an electric Hedgetrimmer powered by a 500 watt motor, and features a 39cm double sided reciprocating cutting blade, with a 20mm tooth spacing.

SWIFT EB518D2 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

SWIFT EB518D2 Cordless Hedge Trimmer£99.99  -  £149.99

This is a compact and lightweight cordless hedge trimmer with fantastic balance, backed up by its 45 cm cutting length and rotatable handle for exceptional ease of use.

STIHL HSE 52 Electric Hedge Trimmer

STIHL HSE 52 Electric Hedge Trimmer£114.00

A handy electric hedge trimmer with 460W of power and a 20 inch / 50 cm blade, yet still lightweight to carry and packed with features to keep your comfort levels high during use.

SWIFT EB918D2 Cordless Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

SWIFT EB918D2 Cordless Long Reach Hedge Trimmer£119.99  -  £169.99

This lightweight and easy to use long reach hedge trimmer makes cutting otherwise inaccessible vegetation a breeze, with all the benefits of the latest cordless technology.

WOLF-GARTEN HSE55V Electric Hedge Trimmer

WOLF-GARTEN HSE55V Electric Hedge Trimmer£120.00

This electric hedge trimmer has a rotating 55 cm double-edged blade, with a 500 W electric motor. Weighing just 3.8 kg with a two-hand safety switch and quick blade stop of 0.02 seconds.

EGO HT2400E Hedge Trimmer (shell only)

EGO HT2400E Hedge Trimmer (shell only)£139.00   £129.00

The HT2400E 61 cm Hedge Trimmer is a very powerful and reliable tool.

It is powered by the impressive 56 V battery, this provides a massive 40% more battery than your leading 40 V battery meaning you can work longer and tackle those harder jobs head on.

WOLF-GARTEN HSE65V Electric Hedge Trimmer

WOLF-GARTEN HSE65V Electric Hedge Trimmer£129.00

This electric hedge trimmer with a 65 cm rotating, double-edged blade boasts a 600 W motor for impressive cutting performance. Featuring a light weight for superb ease of use.

HUSQVARNA 115iHD45 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

HUSQVARNA 115iHD45 Cordless Hedge Trimmer£135.00  -  £205.00

A cordless hedge trimmer with a 45 cm knife length and a maximum cutting diameter of 25 mm. It is exceptionally lightweight, while still offering powerful, durable operation. Supplied as a shell only or shell with battery and charger.

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MOUNTFIELD MHJ2424 Hedge Trimmer

MOUNTFIELD MHJ2424 Hedge Trimmer£179.00   £138.00


This hedge trimmer is powered by a 24.5 cc 2-stroke engine, featuring a strong 61 cm double sided blade, great for getting the job done.

EGO HTA2000S Multi-Tool Hedge Trimmer

EGO HTA2000S Multi-Tool Hedge Trimmer£149.00   £139.00

The HTA2000S multi-tool hedge trimmer has 9 fixed positions which can be adjusted to suit the type of cut you require. 
WOLF-GARTEN HTA700 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

WOLF-GARTEN HTA700 Cordless Hedge Trimmer£148.00

This 2 kg 45 cm Lithium-ion cordless hedge trimmer features counter-rotating laser-cut, diamond ground blades that can cut branches up to 12 mm in diameter. Includes Lithium-ion power pack.

STIGA SHP 60 Hedge Trimmer

STIGA SHP 60 Hedge Trimmer£199.00   £149.00

With a 24.5cc 2-stroke engine and double reciprocating 61 cm / 23.8 inch blades, the SHP 60 is an easy to use and reliable hedge trimmer capable of cutting growth up to 28 mm in diameter.

STIGA SHT 24 AE Cordless Hedge Trimmer

STIGA SHT 24 AE Cordless Hedge Trimmer£159.00   £149.00

The manoeuvrability and efficiency of a 24V lithium-ion battery hedge trimmer with a 57 mm blade: the Stiga SHT 24 AE is the perfect tool for the maintenance of your hedges.

CUB CADET LH3 EH Cordless Hedge Trimmer

CUB CADET LH3 EH Cordless Hedge Trimmer£159.00  -  £349.00

An extremely high-performance hedge trimmer from Cub Cadet, this machine is long lasting, ultra-durable and its blades are adjustable in five positions enabling you to achieve a flawless finish tailored to your own goals.

EGO HTA2000 Multi-Tool Hedge Trimmer

EGO HTA2000 Multi-Tool Hedge Trimmer£169.00   £159.00

The EGO HTA2000 Multi-Tool Long Hedge Trimmer.
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