Leaf Sweepers

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COBRA PLS66 Push Lawn Sweeper

COBRA PLS66 Push Lawn Sweeper£129.99   £119.99

The Cobra PLS66 Push Lawn Sweeper will take the hard work out of collecting leaves and other garden debris. every Cobra lawn sweeper has been expertly designed in the U.K to cater specifically for the changing conditions of the British garden.

HANDY THPLS Leaf Sweeper

HANDY THPLS Leaf Sweeper£189.99   £178.19

This is a manual lawn sweeper with an impressive 200 litre hopper and 66 cm working width, ideal for picking up those autumn leaves or other garden debris.

COBRA TLS97 Towed Sweeper

COBRA TLS97 Towed Sweeper£199.99   £179.99

38 Inch Towed Lawn sweeper

AGRI-FAB  45-0218 Leaf Sweeper

AGRI-FAB 45-0218 Leaf Sweeper£279.00   £249.99

The Agri-Fab push lawn sweeper will clear your garden of debris/leaves/grass in no time. It features a 26-inch working width and a large 200 Litre collector.

STIGA SWP 355 Push Sweeper

STIGA SWP 355 Push Sweeper£311.00   £279.00

This is a 55 cm wide push sweeper, featuring two 30 cm diameter disk brushes, suitable for use inside and outside, and ideal for removing dust, dirt and debris such as leaves, paper and cans from hard surfaces.

HANDY THTLS Towed Lawn Sweeper

HANDY THTLS Towed Lawn Sweeper£249.99  -  £279.99

With a 96 cm / 38 inch working width, this towed lawn sweeper is the ideal solution for collecting leaves. It features an easy tip hopper with a capacity of 280 litres.

STIGA SWP 475 Push Sweeper

STIGA SWP 475 Push Sweeper£449.00   £399.00

A straightforward machine to work with, this 75 cm manual sweeper features 41 cm diameter disk brushes, ideal for sweeping up dirt, dust and debris, including papers, leaves and cans.

STIGA SWP 577 Push Sweeper

STIGA SWP 577 Push Sweeper£594.00   £529.00

Ideal for cleaning large residential and public areas, this is Stiga's most powerful push sweeper, able to effortlessly collect dirt, dust and debris over hard indoor and outdoor surfaces.

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STIGA SWS 800 G Self-Propelled Sweeper

STIGA SWS 800 G Self-Propelled Sweeper£905.00   £799.00


A versatile, all-season machine, the Stiga SWS 800 G Sweeper is ideal for clearing paths, driveways, car parks and footpaths from leaves, litter, grass trimmings and snow.

SCH TS98 Sweeper

SCH TS98 Sweeper£1,370.00   £1,275.00

The TS98 36 inch lawn sweeper features a robust construction to withstand prolonged heavy use, and a large capacity solid plastic catcher, which is rot/tear proof.


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