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WOLF-GARTEN TKVV Scarifier Collector Bag

WOLF-GARTEN TKVV Scarifier Collector Bag£32.00

This 60 litre scarifier collector bag allows you to effortlessly catch the grass as you scarify, saving you time and hassle while resulting in a fantastic finish.

VIKING AFK050 Scarifier Bagger Kit for the LB540

VIKING AFK050 Scarifier Bagger Kit for the LB540£48.00

The Viking collector bag for the LB540 scarifier features a 50 litre capacity, so you don? need to clean up your moss in your garden.

HANDY THSR 2-in-1 Electric Scarifier / Raker

HANDY THSR 2-in-1 Electric Scarifier / Raker£119.99

Representing fantastic value for money, this is a two-in-one machine that allows you to scarify, removing thatch and moss from your lawn, as well as raking, to clear leaves and debris.

COBRA S36E Electric Scarifier

COBRA S36E Electric Scarifier£149.99

The Cobra S36E is ideal for small to medium sized gardens. Lightweight and compact, the S36E is fitted with an 1800 watt motor, and has a working width of 36cm/14 inches.

AL-KO 38 E Electric Scarifier

AL-KO 38 E Electric Scarifier£179.00   £159.00


This electric scarifier has a 37 cm working width and 3-in-one functionality, able to work as a scarifier, lawn rake and a collector. It comes with a 55 litre collector, ensuring no debris is left on your lawn.

AL-KO 38 P Petrol Scarifier

AL-KO 38 P Petrol Scarifier£349.00   £319.00

With a 1.3 kW petrol engine, a 37 cm working width and 3-in-1 functionality, this lawn rake, scarifier and collector combi machine can make looking after your lawn a simple task.

HUSQVARNA DT600 Scarifier

HUSQVARNA DT600 Scarifier£319.00

The DT600 scarifier attaches to combi products, excelling at providing a healthier lawn. 

VIKING LB540 Scarifier

VIKING LB540 Scarifier£479.00

The Viking LB540 will remove moss, thatch, and weeds, as a result the ground gets more air and the roots are better supplied with water/nutrients.

HAYTER SP36 Scarifier (Model 110J)

HAYTER SP36 Scarifier (Model 110J)£599.00   £499.00

The Hayter scarifier provides an easy solution to de-thatch and help maintain a healthy, lush lawn.

MTD OPTIMA 35VO Petrol Scarifier

MTD OPTIMA 35VO Petrol Scarifier£529.00

The MTD optima 35VO is a lightweight, petrol powered 2 in 1 scarifier, powered by a powerful MTD ThorX 35H OHV petrol engine with a 35 cm working width.

Cobra S390B Scarifier

Cobra S390B Scarifier£529.99

A petrol powered scarifier with a Briggs and Stratton 550 series engine. Full 15 inch working width with 16 fixed blades for the most complete scarifiying experience.

COBRA S390H Petrol Scarifier

COBRA S390H Petrol Scarifier£542.00

This robust scarifier is powered by a Honda GP160 engine. A 15 inch working width makes it perfect for gardens of all sizes.

MTD OPTIMA 38VO Petrol Scarifier

MTD OPTIMA 38VO Petrol Scarifier£559.00

The MTD OPTIMA 38VO is a lightweight, petrol powered 2 in 1 scarifier and powered by a robust MTD ThorX 55H OHV petrol engine, and has a working width of 38cm/15 inches.

STIGA SVP 40 B Petrol Scarifier

STIGA SVP 40 B Petrol Scarifier£659.00   £619.00

This is a robust petrol scarifier designed to make looking after your lawn, effortless. It features a Briggs & Stratton engine, comes with a 50 litre collection bag and has a 40 cm working width.

CUB CADET XC1 B40 Scarifier

CUB CADET XC1 B40 Scarifier£699.00

This petrol scarifier actually has blades and springs, allowing for two-in-one functionality: aerating and scarifying. You can keep your grass healthy with this machine.

CAMON LS14F Lawn Scarifier (Fixed Blades)

CAMON LS14F Lawn Scarifier (Fixed Blades)£954.00   £880.00

This lawn scarifier uses a 15 fixed-blade cartridge that can be swapped with others to provide excellent versatility and use all-year round. For a fantastic-looking, healthy lawn, CAMON's models are ideal.

CAMON LS14S Lawn Scarifier (Swinging Blades)

CAMON LS14S Lawn Scarifier (Swinging Blades)£1,002.00   £930.00

Including a cartridge with 30 free-swinging blades that you can swap out for CAMON's LS42 cartridges, this lawn scarifier allows you to achieve excellent removal of moss, thatch and dead grass for a healthy, beautiful lawn.

ELIET E401 PRO Petrol Scarifier (GP160)

ELIET E401 PRO Petrol Scarifier (GP160)£1,153.32   £1,073.00

The Eliet E401 Petrol Scarifier is Commercial Quality machine ideal for small and medium sized gardens. Its robust design means it is built to perform.

CAMON LS42R Lawn Scarifier (Spring Rake)

CAMON LS42R Lawn Scarifier (Spring Rake)£1,182.00   £1,095.00

This Honda-powered lawn scarifier with a spring rake cartridge is ideal for allowing all-year round scarification, with 30 durable free-swinging springs to gently clear moss and thatch.

CAMON LS42F Lawn Scarifier (Fixed Blades)

CAMON LS42F Lawn Scarifier (Fixed Blades)£1,206.00   £1,115.00

This lawn slitter from CAMON comes with a fixed blade cartridge featuring 15 heavy-duty, 2 mm thick blades to not only remove thatch but slit the ground, improving drainage and helping overseeding.

CAMON LS42 Lawn Scarifier (Swinging Blades)

CAMON LS42 Lawn Scarifier (Swinging Blades)£1,254.00   £1,160.00

A robust, Honda-powered lawn scarifier, with interchangeable cartridges. This model includes a free-swinging blade cartridge ideal for quickly removing large quantities of moss or thatch. With a 42 cm / 17 inch working width.

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