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Chainsaw Assembly

Chainsaw Assembly£9.99

By purchasing 'chainsaw assembly' we will assemble the chainsaw you buy prior to dispatch so that it's delivered with the bar and chain attached and ready to go.

STIGA SE 1835 Electric Chainsaw (14 Inch)

STIGA SE 1835 Electric Chainsaw (14 Inch)£89.00   £79.00

This 14 inch cut electric chainsaw boasts a powerful 1.8kW motor alongside a manual chain brake for enhanced safety.

AL-KO EKS 2000/35 Electric Chainsaw

AL-KO EKS 2000/35 Electric Chainsaw£159.00   £139.00


This powerful yet quiet 14 inch electric chainsaw is perfect for firewood cutting, carpentry work and general garden care. It has perfect ergonomics for excellent levels and comfort, providing fatigue-free operation.

HUSQVARNA 120 Petrol Chainsaw

HUSQVARNA 120 Petrol Chainsaw£169.00   £139.00


Easy to use all round chainsaw for homeowners. Perfect for cutting firewood, light felling or limbing.

MOUNTFIELD MCS 50 Li Cordless Chainsaw (Shell Only)

MOUNTFIELD MCS 50 Li Cordless Chainsaw (Shell Only)£172.00   £139.00

This 12 inch cordless chainsaw takes the hassle out of chopping branches and wood in your garden. Sold as a shell only with battery & charger available separately.


HUSQVARNA BLi20 Battery£159.00   £143.00


A 36 V Lithium-ion battery with 4.0 Ah power, for use in Husqvarna 100-300 Series of cordless garden tools. With active cooling, it's good for up to 600 charges.

AL-KO EKS 2400/40 Electric Chainsaw

AL-KO EKS 2400/40 Electric Chainsaw£169.00   £149.00

This 16 inch electric chainsaw is easy to work with and fantastic value for money.

STIGA SP 386 Petrol Chainsaw

STIGA SP 386 Petrol Chainsaw£149.00  -  £169.00

Lightweight and easily manoeuvrable, the Stiga SP 386 provides superior performance with a premium weight/power ratio. Available with a 14 inch or 16 inch bar length.

STIGA SPR 500 AE Top Handle Chainsaw (Shell Only)

STIGA SPR 500 AE Top Handle Chainsaw (Shell Only)£169.00   £149.00

The environmentally conscious SPR 500 AE cordless chainsaw shell is perfect for in-tree work, minimising vibration and emissions while stile being manoeuvrable.​

AL-KO EKI 2200/40 Electric Chainsaw

AL-KO EKI 2200/40 Electric Chainsaw£179.00   £159.00

HUSQVARNA 130 Petrol Chainsaw

HUSQVARNA 130 Petrol Chainsaw£199.00   £163.00


Easy to start, easy to handle - can chop firewood with ease, help pruning and even taking down the odd tree. Small but mighty, great value too!

STIHL MS 170 Petrol Chainsaw

STIHL MS 170 Petrol Chainsaw£195.00   £166.00


This chainsaw with 12 inch bar is a perfect easy-to-operate entry level machine for cutting firewood. With an environmentally friendly and economical 2-MIX engine.

EGO CS1400E Cordless Chainsaw (Shell Only)

EGO CS1400E Cordless Chainsaw (Shell Only)£199.00   £169.00

This powerful 35cm chainsaw is completely cordless - no more fumes!

STIHL MSA 120 C-B Cordless Chainsaw Shell

STIHL MSA 120 C-B Cordless Chainsaw Shell£179.00   £170.00


A cordless chainsaw from STIHL's versatile AK system, for homeowners. This is the shell only, but a kit with a battery and charger can be purchased separately.

HUSQVARNA 120i Cordless Chainsaw

HUSQVARNA 120i Cordless Chainsaw£179.00  -  £269.00

A domestic cordless chainsaw with a 12 inch bar for occasional use felling or pruning small branches. Supplied as a shell or with a BLi20 battery and QC80 charger.

Mitox 385CSX Chainsaw

Mitox 385CSX Chainsaw£189.00   £179.00

The Mitox 385CSX Premium Chainsaw offers a high quality product for the homeowner with its extra high power output and durable design.

TORO FLEX-FORCE Cordless Chainsaw Shell Only

TORO FLEX-FORCE Cordless Chainsaw Shell Only£199.00   £179.00

A tough cordless chainsaw with a 41 cm / 16 inch bar for cutting logs and timber up to 15 cm in diameter. Suited to domestic users. Requires a battery and charger.

HUSQVARNA 420EL Electric Chainsaw

HUSQVARNA 420EL Electric Chainsaw£219.00   £180.00


A 2,000W electric chainsaw with a 16 inch bar, perfect for private use or by non-garden professionals like carpenters or electricians. With superb performance and manoeuvrability.

Cobra CS520 Petrol Chainsaw

Cobra CS520 Petrol Chainsaw£203.99   £184.99

Petrol chainsaw with an 18 inch Oregon bar and chain. Packed with innovative features to help you complete the task in hand with minimum time and effort.

ECHO CS-310ES Chainsaw

ECHO CS-310ES Chainsaw£192.00  -  £199.00

Entry level saw fitted with easy start - professional build quality.

EGO CS1600E Cordless Chainsaw (Shell only)

EGO CS1600E Cordless Chainsaw (Shell only)£219.00   £199.00

The CS1600E 40 cm Chain Saw is the perfect tool for cutting trunks, logs and branches. 
STIGA SC 80 AE Cordless Chainsaw (Shell Only)

STIGA SC 80 AE Cordless Chainsaw (Shell Only)£229.00   £199.00

The Stiga SC 80 AE chainsaw showcases all the power delivered by the 80V technology using premium lithium ion batteries. 

STIGA SPR 276 Petrol Chainsaw (10 Inch)

STIGA SPR 276 Petrol Chainsaw (10 Inch)£219.00   £199.00

This impressive 10 inch cut petrol chainsaw benefits from a 26.9cc petrol engine and utilises a vibration control system for ergonomic operation.

HUSQVARNA 135 MK2 Chainsaw

HUSQVARNA 135 MK2 Chainsaw£249.00   £204.00


The ideal garden chainsaw for occasional cutting of firewood and smaller trees, this 14 inch bar chainsaw is supremely easy to start and use, with a powerful yet economical X-Torq engine.

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