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Toro 20837 Lawnmower

Toro 20837 Lawnmower£713.00

The Toro 20837 petrol super recycler mower is specifically designed to save you time and effort. Fitted with a Toro 159cc OHV engine, and includes a 19 inch cutting width.

Toro 20838 Lawnmower

Toro 20838 Lawnmower£645.00

Toro 20899 Lawnmower

Toro 20899 Lawnmower£799.00   £719.00

The Toro Super Bagger 20899 petrol recycler mowers is specifically designed to save you time and effort. Fitted with a quality Honda GCV160 OHC engine.

Toro 20942 Lawnmower

Toro 20942 Lawnmower£399.00   £359.00

a powerful combination of performance, versatility and value. These durable steel deck mowers will give you years of reliable service.

Toro 20955 Lawnmower

Toro 20955 Lawnmower£649.00   £579.00

The Toro 20955 petrol recycler mowers are specifically designed to save you time and effort. Features a 20 inch cutting width and a reliable B&S 675 series engine.

Toro 20956 Lawnmower

Toro 20956 Lawnmower£749.00   £669.00

The Toro 20956 petrol recycler mowers are specifically designed to save you time and effort. Features a 20 inch cutting width and a reliable B&S 675 series electric start engine.

Toro 20961 Lawnmower

Toro 20961 Lawnmower£689.00   £619.00

Steel Deck Recycler Mower with SmartStow; vertically store this mower with no petrol or oil spillage, reducing the storage footpring needed by up tp 70%

Toro 20965 Lawnmower

Toro 20965 Lawnmower£729.00   £649.00

Toro 20978 Lawnmower

Toro 20978 Lawnmower£1,359.00   £1,229.00

With an electric-start Briggs & Stratton 1000 Series 223cc engine and a re-designed blade, this 76 cm cut petrol mower is designed to save you time, cutting more grass, more quickly.

Toro 21681 Lawnmower

Toro 21681 Lawnmower£699.00   £629.00

Toro 21690 Lawnmower

Toro 21690 Lawnmower£739.00   £659.00

Toro 21766 Lawnmower

Toro 21766 Lawnmower£729.00   £649.00

Toro 21810 Lawnmower

Toro 21810 Lawnmower£1,259.00   £1,129.00

Perfect for large gardens. Toros time master lawnmowers cover more ground in less time, up to 40% quicker than a standard 53 cm rotary lawnmower.

Toro 21863 Cordless Recyler Lawnmower

Toro 21863 Cordless Recyler Lawnmower£789.99   £714.99

Save time, finish faster, and make your job easier with the 55 cm Toro Recycler Automatic Drive System 60V Max Cordless Mower.

Toro 22207 Lawnmower

Toro 22207 Lawnmower£1,749.00

Toro 22280 Lawnmower

Toro 22280 Lawnmower£1,104.00

Toro 22291 Lawnmower

Toro 22291 Lawnmower£1,149.00   £977.00

The Toro ProLine 22291 is a 21 inch/53cm heavy duty recycling mower that's designed for commercial use. Features include a 6. 35mm die cast aluminium cutter deck.

Toro 29732 Lawnmower

Toro 29732 Lawnmower£459.00   £409.00

This Briggs & Stratton-powered 53 cm cut petrol lawn mower benefits from versatile 3-in-1 operation with Toro's renowned Recycling feature and a large 70 litre grass bag.

TORO 51563 Blower

TORO 51563 Blower£122.00

A three-in-one machine capable of functioning as a powerful blower, vacuum and leaf shredder, with a metal impeller for mulching, this is a versatile machine that makes garden cleaning easy.

TORO 51681 Blower

TORO 51681 Blower£135.00

This is a three-in-one electric blower, able also to function as a vacuum and leaf shredder with a metal impeller for mulching. It also boasts an infinite variable speed motor, to provide power to suit any task.

Toro HoverPro 02604 Lawnmower

Toro HoverPro 02604 Lawnmower£550.00

Petrol hover lawnmower capable of producting an enviably neat finish on your lawn!

Toro HoverPro 02606 Lawnmower

Toro HoverPro 02606 Lawnmower£567.00

Premium graded hover mower, suitable for tough landscaping applications on the most challenging terrain.

Toro HoverPro 02612 Lawnmower

Toro HoverPro 02612 Lawnmower£538.00

Exceptionally strong and lightweight ABS injection-moulded deck; Better control and greater stability in extreme conditions.

Toro HoverPro 02615 Lawnmower

Toro HoverPro 02615 Lawnmower£469.00

Compact and Light weight; perfect for hard to reach, steep, or slippery slopes where manoeuvrability is key.

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